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A few words about Edith

Hello there! I'm Edith, named after the iconic Edith Piaf, and I hail from the charming neighbourhood of Belleville right here in Paris.

Let me whisk you away into the story of how I found my calling as a guide in this enchanting city.

For over three decades, I delved into the world of law as a lawyer. But my heart yearned for something more - a deeper understanding of my beloved Paris and its rich tapestry of history. So, I made a bold decision to pursue my passion alongside my legal career, becoming a weekend guide. Yet, my dream was to become a certified professional guide, just like those you'd find at the Louvre or Versailles.

At the age of 50, I embarked on a new adventure, returning to university with the goal of obtaining my "licence de Guide Conférencière". It wasn't easy, but every moment was worth it. I immersed myself in the art, history, and literature of France and Paris, drawing inspiration from luminaries like Marcel Proust, Madame de Sévigné, Baudelaire, and Zola.

My journey didn't stop there. With a passion for teaching, I shared my knowledge of French literature with eager learners and delved into the Jewish heritage of Paris as a lecturer at Gustave Eiffel University.

Being a true Parisian, I've always been captivated by the tales of extraordinary women from our city's past - from Christine de Pisan to Sarah Bernhardt. Their stories inspired me to write my book "Belles et Rebelles", dedicated to these remarkable figures.

And because I wanted to share the magic of Paris with everyone, I penned my memoirs "Parisian Life, adventures in the City of Light" in English.

I can't wait to meet you and unveil the true essence of Paris, along with its captivating tales of yesteryears. Oh, and one more thing - whether we're conversing in French, English, or Spanish, you'll find me just as chatty and enthusiastic!

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